January 5, 2016

Hand Blown Glasses and Bowls

Who: Italian artisan Carlo Moretti, a glass master who in 1958 established this workshop with his brother Giovanni Moretti.  Bergdorf Goodman in NYC is one of several retailers for the United States.  Prices range from $144-$165.
What: Hand blown glasses and bowls that take ancient traditions of production from the Murano islands of Venice and combine them with more contemporary patterns and designs. 
Where: When I first caught a glimpse of this tableware, my reaction was that they would be perfect in the South of France or St. Barths ... imagine, a Christian Liagre inspired interior with dark wood floors, sisal rugs, white slipcovered furniture and this barware to accentuate the tabletop.
When: Perfect for a Pisco Sour, Mojito or Americano just before dinner.
Why:  When your tastes tend to be more neutral and minimalist, barware is a great way to bring in variety and pops of color without having to commit the entire interior to the effect.  Easy come, easy go!

Image courtesy of www.architecturaldigest.com

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