May 11, 2015

Space Saving: It's All in the Details

Living in a NYC studio apartment has taught me to live simply ... and by simply, I mean I'm pretty good with getting rid of clutter and keeping things organized.  No pack rat here!

It has also taught me to be pretty creative when it comes to space saving and space planning ... I take pride in the fact that I can comfortably seat seven in my tiny living area!

So with all this space saving in mind, two products recently came onto my radar that you need to know about:

The Ranger Stool from Scout Regalia is fantastic ... a little cubby for your purse, a little hook for your coat.  Every restaurant should beeline for this barstool!

Pottery Barn's Wallmount Drying Rack.  How great is the accordion arm that pulls out when you need to dry items and pushes back when you don't.  Who else can remember those rickety wooden drying racks that look like they could collapse with a simple sneeze?  Throw in a shelf and this rack is golden!


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