October 28, 2013

My Summer Vacation

As we enter the home stretch for 2013 with the onset of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I myself have just gotten around to reviewing the images on my iphone from this summer!

Back in August, I had an amazing week exploring the Wachau region of Austria.  Wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful wine!

I'll start the week and end the week with a few of my favorite images... and on that note, off to Melk, Austria where we toured a beautiful Baroque monastery....

Most of our trip was spent touring the Wachau wine region along the Danube River and Durstein was our favorite little village.  Coming to fame as this location is where Richard the Lionheart was kept prisoner in 1192, this little village had an amazing restaurant at the Schloss Hotel.  The added delight?  About 300 candles being set afloat the Danube during dinner ... gorgeous!  Unfortunately, my skills as a nighttime photographer are sorely lacking, so no images forthcoming!

Where we rest our head was at the Loisium Hotel in Langenlois.  Winner of several architectural awards, the hotel thrives on a purist approach in terms of materials: concrete, glass, wood.  You see the bolts, you understand the skeleton ...their motto is indeed true, it is where wine and design come together!

Lastly, a little picture of yours truly!  When you walk from the hotel into the vineyard and wine "experience", there is a little outdoor bar from which to enjoy the sunset!

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