September 20, 2013

Favorite Find Friday: Dorothy Draper Collection from Kindel Furniture

In 1939, interior design reached a new level of accessibility with the publication of Dorothy Draper's book Decorating is Fun!  How To Be Your Own Interior Decorator.  With a style known as American Baroque, Draper revolutionized, if not established interior design as a working entity. Identified by bold colors, large floral patterns and rococo scrollwork, Draper's style was anything but minimalist as layers of black and white tile, floral chintz fabrics and baroque plaster details work seamlessly together.  

One of her most iconic interiors can be found at the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, Virginia.  Images below are reflective of the current hotel, which underwent a recent refurbishment by Carlton Varney, the President of Dorothy Draper, Inc.  Certainly the Draper essence stays true...

If the layered colorful look is not quite your cup of tea, enter Kindel Furniture and the Dorothy Draper Collection.  With classic profiles, bold color combinations, you're able to get the essence of what American Rococo is all about!  Happy Shopping!

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