September 13, 2013

Favorite Find Friday: Celerie Kemble for Henredon

The marketplace has just received a gift: Celerie Kemble's new furniture line for Henredon!  Kemble, an interior designer based here in New York City, heads up the NYC office  of Kemble Interiors, Inc. which was founded in 1982 in Palm Beach by Kemble's mother, Mimi Maddock McMakin.

With an aesthetic that is both quirky and classic, Kemble describes her approach:

"In life as in design, it is not perfection you should be after.  There's beauty in the faded and worn, the well loved, and the sentimental...After all, life has seams. Your home should be like a loosely woven fabric of desires, memories, practical, notions, and even compromises." 

So shop away my e-friends, I know I will!  Happy Weekend!

For more information on purchasing Celerie Kemble pieces, contact us at

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