June 3, 2013

Designer Passport: SLS South Beach

If you've been a visitor to my design website, Lindsay Hair Interiors, then you're quite familiar with one of my features, Designer's Passport.  I love making sure that when I travel, the places I sleep, I eat, I shop all have a noteworthy design detail to them ... something to inspire me and hopefully inspire you!

On that note, should you find yourself soaking up some Miami sun, be sure to consider the SLS Hotel.

... with sleek, yet graceful interiors, you'll be as cool as a dip in the pool!

Chic points aside, I have to admit that what drew me to this hotel was the notion of indulging my love of paneled rooms.  Although these are the result of some great decorative painting, my crush is fulfilled all the same!

Happy Travels!

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