June 28, 2013

Favorite Find Friday: Oborain Outdoor Shower

Affectionately known as "The Cove", this al fresco pre-fabricated shower is handcrafted in Massachusetts out of cedar clapboard planks.  With a Hansgrohe or Axor fixture to serve as the "hardware", showering will never be so enjoyable!

Have a great weekend!

June 24, 2013

Nighty Night

My latest obsession has been to find beds with interesting profiles.  I often have clients that come to me wanting to make a statement and when you can go dramatic on the bed, you've done just that!  Whether you go four poster or upholstered, look for shapes that are off the beaten track and you're sure to have sweet dreams!

Niermann Weeks


Modern History Home

Serena and Lily

Mr. and Mrs. Howard

June 21, 2013

Favorite Find Friday: Kathryn McCoy Design

Looking to bring a bit of the "natural" into your decor, but still need a sense of elegance?  Whether it be quartz, amethyst, citrine or pyrite, Kathryn McCoy's collection of stone accessories will be sure to fit the bill!

Geod-geous! (Sorry, I had to!)

Have a great weekend!

June 19, 2013

Be Inspired: Poolside with Marshall Watson

Designing poolhouses, in my opinion, is one of the perks of being an interior designer.  The space automatically instills a sense of fun and relaxation.  What is always amazing to see is when a designer can design a poolhouse that tips away from "whimsy" towards sophistication.  There is a happy homeowner in St. Louis as designer Marshall Watson did just that (as featured in Traditional Home magazine) ...

Bleached wood paneling, simple floor patterns, amazing chair embroidery and stunning sconces ...Swedish inspired swimming at its best!

June 17, 2013

Designer's Passport: Grand Hotel, Les Bains de Lea Nuxe Spa

You didn't think I'd send you somewhere to have amazing wine and then not send you somewhere amazing to sleep, did you?

As a follow up to last week's post, when traveling through Bordeaux, the Grand Hotel, Les Bains de Lea, will take you up into the hills and provide majestic views of the surrounding countryside.

Designed by famed French interior designer, Jacques Garcia, the hotel epitomizes for me, two ideals that the designer is famous for: touches of red and pure decadence!

With a Turkish spa and amazing rooftop view, sleep as well as you drink, as you wander through Bordeaux.

Vive La France!

June 14, 2013

Favorite Find Friday: Coleen and Company Lighting

Painted tole (a fancy name for painted metal) makes for great lighting fixtures because you can cut the metal in a variety of shapes and then come in with paint in a variety of colors!

Coleen and Company does this so well and as you can see below, I'm sure you will agree!

Happy Friday!

June 12, 2013

Be Inspired: Thomas Pheasant for Veranda

I have long been a fan of Washington DC designer, Thomas Pheasant: is clean lines, with touches of traditional details, creates interiors that are sophisticated and timeless.

With this recent publication in Veranda magazine of his project in Southampton, I was inspired in a variety of places!

In this photo, it is really the door details that I am in love with.  First, look at the casing over the door: the fretwork is amazing!  Second, the proportion of the front door just beyond is fantastic.  All very subtle, all very stately!

With this bedroom, note the top of the drapery: a rod pocket has been created by the crown molding.  This type of detail comes in quite handy if you do not like the aesthetic of a rod or if you are dealing with multiple types of treatments (say a blackout shade) and do not have the window depth to tuck everything in.  The seating arrangement at the foot of the bed is also an excellent way to occupy space in a bedroom that may be a little too big!  Champagne problems, right?

The ceiling, oh the magnificent ceiling!  The floral plasterwork is that subtle detail that makes makes for a magnificent little nook.  With the tall windows, the ceiling detail, the eye can't help but go up.  Also, just a little something to note: check out the drapery and  how they just touch the floor ...in the industry, this is called "the break" and I myself like a 1/4" break, which this could be or a 1/2".  It allows the drapery to elegantly touch the floor and you remove the possibility of them being installed too short (which is dreadful, just picture someone who's pant cuff is too short!).

Elegant color palette ... so fantastic mantle surround and great artwork above!

If I didn't love working for myself (and working with all of you) I would certainly put this design firm at the top of my list!

June 10, 2013

Designer's Passport: Chateau Cheval Blanc

For all you Oenophiles, the Chateau Cheval Blanc is not to be missed ... great Bordeaux wine, great architecture!

Designed by French architect, Christian de Portzamparc, the new extension attached to the 181 year old winery is as artistic as it is functional...

Amazing wine, amazing architecture ... stay tuned as this is on my "to go to" list!

June 7, 2013

On The Spot: Luciana Bench

What a treat it would be to find one of these colorful benches from Grandinroad in your backyard!

Beautiful colors, playful profiles ... what isn't to love?

Happy Friday!