November 21, 2012

Skyfall Stag

As someone who has been dating a Bond aficionado for six years now, I am well trained to hit the opening night of the latest Bond adventure.  I must say, I really enjoyed Skyfall...


 ... shots of Istanbul and London are quite nostalgic...

 ... and I loved the personal route the plot took as we headed to Bond's childhood home in Scotland.

But as a decorator I have to say, what thrilled me the most as the action plunges into the thick of things was the amazing entrance into Skyfall ....the Stag statue!

The majestic beauty, the stateliness of the country house, left me ready to decorate country retreats!  Fortunately, with the holidays upon us, there are many stag inspired items to get started!

Stag Table Lamp from Horchow

Stag Wall Mount, Restoration Hardware
Antler Wreath, Mecox Gardens

Antler Candelabra, Gorsuch

And on a final note, Daniel Craig as Bond ... is he your favorite?  He's a close second to mine, which was Pierce Brosnan ...but whether it be Craig, Brosnan, Moore or Connery, I think they would all do well to be in a UDESHI suit!  Yes, I admit, I have a biased opinion for this London based tailor!

UDESHI bespoke menswear

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