October 19, 2012

It's The Little Things

Last week, we looked at a barn door, a butcher block and banding on drapery ... the three B's if you will!

Let's start the weekend off on the right foot with a few more of the little details that make decorating worthwhile!

Happy Friday!

I LOVE the stairs in this residence.  The 90 angle installation, no tread overhang, dark wood stain, zig-zag profile ...very chic!

Corner tubs are things that you just inherit sometimes or are installed out of spatial necessity.  What I love with this one are the vertical strips of marble installed along the face of the tub ...just a little something special to set it apart!  Oh, and what a great cart in the corner to hold the bath accessories!

Its the mix and match that I love with this dining vignette.  In particular, the animal claw/marble topped table mixed with a Danish inspired chair ...just love the subtle juxtaposition!

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