July 30, 2012

Its All About Curves

One question that I repeatedly get from clients is how to treat arched windows with window treatments.  While there is no right or wrong answer, below are a few great solutions!

This solution would need some advance planning with your architect or contractor.  If you look closely, the ceiling detail has stopped short of the window in order to create a pocket for the hardware and drapery topper.  This solution would work well if you do not like the look of drapery hardware or you have a large expanse of window to cover and need to utilize a track mounted system.

This is a pretty straight forward drapery panel installation.  While you have a variety of places that you can put the rod, I like this image because when you take the rod to just below the ceiling line/crown work (rather than the top of the arch or slightly above the arch) you emphasize the height of the room.
Shutters are also a good way to go when you need maximum privacy.

This is a great solution if you need to block light and visibility with ease, while still letting light in through the arched portion of the window: Roman shades mounted directly onto the door

There's nothing wrong with doing nothing!  Happy Decorating!

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