June 23, 2012

Vanity Affair

Bathrooms are wonderful spaces in which to create little jewelboxes and when doing so, the vanity takes center stage!

I love this concept: the mosaic floor in combination with the simple subway tiles nods its' head at a French bistro without being over the top.  One large mirror over a double vanity is also a great way to maximize the reflection, but that often means that your lighting needs to come from the top.  Wicker basket hamper ...perfect!

A proper dressing vanity is my dream!  I think this vanity is great for showing how you can incorporate sinks and dressing tables together....not to mention combining two different mirror styles.  Just remember, if your focal mirror is more ornate, let the other two be more simple as seen here!

I love when you can take a piece of furniture and turn it into something amazing!  This rusticated wood console works pefectly for a double vanity.  Hanging pendent lights is also a good way to get side lighting if your wall space is minimal.

I love this concept (as a longtime NYC apartment renter) because you can take a very basic pedestal sink and completely make it luxurious by adding wallpaper, mirror and great sconces!

As decorators say, it's all in the details!

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