June 2, 2012

Good Things Come in Short Packages

Earlier this week, we looked at using drapery at the windows.  Today, I share with you a few of my favorite "short" treatments.  Shades are typically dictated by architecture in that bookcases or window conditions will not allow for long drapery.  I tend to go simple and subtle with the shape and design as I think it allows for more flexibility within a range of aesthetics.

Happy Weekend!

This soft Roman Shade and Hard Shaped Valance work well in this built in desk.  Using the same fabric helps to keep things streamlined.

Soft, Subtle, Scooped ...perfect!

When I need to go a bit more traditional, this soft scooped shade does the trick.  I love the pleated detail along the top and the use of a decorative cord to separate the pleat from the body of the shade.

I love how this Roman Shade is detailed with a decorative trim!

Shades are a must when dealing with a window seat, but oh how cozy the effect!

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