June 30, 2012

Go Bold with Black

Most clients tend to gasp when I mention using black in the interior of their home, but the striking presence can really pull a room together!

What a great way to give an "outline" effect to the room ...by painting the trim black, the architectural details really stand out!

Oh how I love black floors!

This falls into my love of black, gold and carrera marble!  But what a great idea for making a small kitchen an interesting focal point!

"Won't it be too dark"?  is the number one response I get when presenting dark colors on the wall.  The trick is to go light on the floor and ceiling and use pops of color ...so the black walls in the above three images simply provide a nice neutral backdrop from which the art, mirrors, bookcases and upholstery pieces take center stage!

What a great dramatic effect for bringing a cozy feel to a spacious living room ... black on the ceiling!

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