June 18, 2012

Fashion meets Interiors

As a designer, my eyes are always open because inspiration can find you anywhere: and fashion advertisements always prove to be a good source!  

Besides the dramatic color presentation of yellow, black and white, I LOVE the graphic floor in this advertisement.  Throw in a white paneled wall and Art Deco inspired lighting and furniture and I'm in heaven!

What caught my eye were two things: I love a rusticated wood frame for upholstery.  To then use a dark gray/black, you allow the piece to feel much more contemporary than the historic frame it represents.  I also really  love the use of mirrors in a divided panel.  This works out well when you have doors to a dining room or conservatory, but it certainly is a cool effect in this advertisement!

Ahhh, the Wassily Chair.  Both Mr. O and I had one, so that was one sign we were meant to be!  

Happy shopping, furniture or fashion!

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