June 30, 2012

Go Bold with Black

Most clients tend to gasp when I mention using black in the interior of their home, but the striking presence can really pull a room together!

What a great way to give an "outline" effect to the room ...by painting the trim black, the architectural details really stand out!

Oh how I love black floors!

This falls into my love of black, gold and carrera marble!  But what a great idea for making a small kitchen an interesting focal point!

"Won't it be too dark"?  is the number one response I get when presenting dark colors on the wall.  The trick is to go light on the floor and ceiling and use pops of color ...so the black walls in the above three images simply provide a nice neutral backdrop from which the art, mirrors, bookcases and upholstery pieces take center stage!

What a great dramatic effect for bringing a cozy feel to a spacious living room ... black on the ceiling!

June 29, 2012

Favorite Find Friday: Huddleson Linens

About Huddleson

A lot of wonderful things come out of LA and certainly this line of custom table linens from Huddleson meets all expectations.  Made with Italian linen, the artistic designs are often custom to the client and can certainly transform any event or a casual Tuesday dinner!

I believe the founder said it best ...

Sometimes, in the present day, we forget that every meal can - and should - be a special occasion.  We should remember.

Tim Gledhill, Founder

... and with that, I bid you happy dining and happy weekend!


Grania silver 960x400





Anfa Blue

June 27, 2012

On The Spot: John Boone d'Orsay Bedside Table

I just love when I get updated on new product as this bedside table from John Boone is fantastic!  For more information on ordering, please contact us at info@lindsayhairinteriors.com

June 25, 2012

Kitchen Envy

As a longtime NYC resident, when I think of my "dream home" the first space that comes to mind is the kitchen!  In fact, I say my favorite kitchen is from the film Ratatouille ...crema marfil floors with black cabachons, black stoves with brass detailing, copper pots ...I'm in heaven!

In the meantime, some of these kitchens are great concepts when working with my clients...

The two kitchens above illustrate quite well how you can mix cabinetry finishes.  Having an island allows you the opportunity to make it a focal point of the room by contrasting the finish.  I also love the top concept because there is a small detail I almost always insist upon with the island and that is the overhang where the barstools sit.  I like that the open space is "boxed in" and the countertop doesn't simply hang over without any wood support underneath ...small detail, but it really helps to clean up the edges, not to mention, help hide the barstools when they're tucked away.

The bistro inspired flooring, the dark black millwork, the pop of red ...love it!

This is black, gold and carrera marble ...my designer happy place!

Millwork doesn't have to be closed cabinetry.  So many of us have beautiful dinnerware, why not let it be part of the decor?  Open shelves are great way to do just that!

What are your kitchen daydreams?  Send me your thoughts at info@lindsayhairinteriors.com!

June 23, 2012

Vanity Affair

Bathrooms are wonderful spaces in which to create little jewelboxes and when doing so, the vanity takes center stage!

I love this concept: the mosaic floor in combination with the simple subway tiles nods its' head at a French bistro without being over the top.  One large mirror over a double vanity is also a great way to maximize the reflection, but that often means that your lighting needs to come from the top.  Wicker basket hamper ...perfect!

A proper dressing vanity is my dream!  I think this vanity is great for showing how you can incorporate sinks and dressing tables together....not to mention combining two different mirror styles.  Just remember, if your focal mirror is more ornate, let the other two be more simple as seen here!

I love when you can take a piece of furniture and turn it into something amazing!  This rusticated wood console works pefectly for a double vanity.  Hanging pendent lights is also a good way to get side lighting if your wall space is minimal.

I love this concept (as a longtime NYC apartment renter) because you can take a very basic pedestal sink and completely make it luxurious by adding wallpaper, mirror and great sconces!

As decorators say, it's all in the details!

June 22, 2012

Favorite Find Friday: Shine

Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz of Shine, a world travelled artist and designer, takes her world travels to create modern and vintage pieces for the home.  Her work is amazing and if you're like me, there's sure to be more than one piece that you fall in love with!

Happy Weekend!





June 20, 2012

On The Spot: Acryllic Shell Chair

Bring a little Art Deco to your dressing table with this chair from Shahrooz Furnishings!  Acryllic never looked so good!

For more information on how to order, contact us at www.lindsayhairinteriors.com.

June 18, 2012

Fashion meets Interiors

As a designer, my eyes are always open because inspiration can find you anywhere: and fashion advertisements always prove to be a good source!  

Besides the dramatic color presentation of yellow, black and white, I LOVE the graphic floor in this advertisement.  Throw in a white paneled wall and Art Deco inspired lighting and furniture and I'm in heaven!

What caught my eye were two things: I love a rusticated wood frame for upholstery.  To then use a dark gray/black, you allow the piece to feel much more contemporary than the historic frame it represents.  I also really  love the use of mirrors in a divided panel.  This works out well when you have doors to a dining room or conservatory, but it certainly is a cool effect in this advertisement!

Ahhh, the Wassily Chair.  Both Mr. O and I had one, so that was one sign we were meant to be!  

Happy shopping, furniture or fashion!

June 16, 2012

McKinnon Harris Outdoor Treasures!

While recently on a search for outdoor furniture, I was on one of my favorite vendor's websites, McKinnon and Harris.  What caught my eye is that one of their collections is called "Quirky and Accoutrements" ....with a name like that, I had to take a look!  What I found were truly delightful pieces perfect for any outdoor space,whether large or small.

For more information on how to order, contact us at info@lindsayhairinteriors.com

Happy Summer!

June 15, 2012

Favorite Find Friday: Juliska's Tulipiere

The perfect centerpiece to any table!  Visit Juliska for more information.

June 13, 2012

On The Spot: Lulu DK Child by Schumacher

Lulu deKwiatkowski, founder and designer of LULU DK Fabrics, is the recent designer collaboration with Schumacher Fabrics to bring us a joyful and sophisticated collection of children’s fabrics. Bold color and whimsical designs, a LULU trademark, turn any nursery into an absolute wonderland!                                                     



To see all available patterns, visit Schumacher.  For more information on how to order, please contact me at info@lindsayhairinteriors.com.
Happy Decorating!

June 11, 2012

Martha Sturdy's Resin Pieces

Artist and furniture maker, Martha Sturdy, recently came to my attention as I was on the search for contemporary applications to furniture.  Resin, so versatile and so colorful, certainly works well as sculptured pieces of art or a dining room table!

Should you find yourself in Vancouver, this artist is not to be missed!  For more information on how to order, contact me at info@lindsayhairinteriors.com.

All images courtesy of www.marthsturdy.com