April 16, 2012

Door Details

Need a little inspiration on how to make a simple door into a spectacular door?  Try a few of these ideas...

If you have a series of doors, ot only can you shape the opening, but adding in the layer of metal grillwork adds another layer of visual interest.

Upholstery AND nailheads?  Love it!

The glass doors on this built-in cabinet help to define the decorative detaisl due to the overall Chippendale inspired shape, as well as the contrast of material and color.

When you upholster walls with fabric, you do have to take in mind the cut edge of the fabric.  Using nailheads to finish it off is a great detail.

Metalwork and mirrors ...Marvelous!
I love the reclaimed antique doors on the sliding mechanism!

This dividing wall is really just a series of sliding doors.  Having the latticework detail helps to give
translucency to these adjoining spaces.

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