March 24, 2012

Stacking Up

I've been working with a client to detail some millwork and I find that the little extra details can turn a wall unit from a storage space to an creative part of the decorative details...

For you apartment dwellers, this is a great solution to adding more storage to the bedroom, while hiding those window AC units!  Simple shelves have been fitted in and around the window unit and the AC is barely noticeable.  Just make sure you've left plenty of access for the controls and escape for the air.

A good solution for detailing a corner library space.  Who said books can't be wall art?

What I love about this room and the one below is the contrast of the interior space of the shelving.  It's a thoughtful detail and it gives the neutral wall colors an extra level of depth.

Who said bookshelves have to be in the Living Room?  Not only do I love the black millwork, red Hermes dinnerware and antler decor, I think the bookshelves are the finishing touch to creating a cozy atmosphere.

A creative way to maximize storage with a sloped ceiling

Sometimes a little paint and a shaped profile are all you need!
These bookshelves have a little detail that I just love ...the thin shelf that pulls out as needed.   I love
when furniture has an Inspector Gadget aspect to them!

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