September 30, 2011

Saving the Best For Last

The favorite part of my day at Versailles, was the walk through Petit Trianon.  Designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, the King's first architect and decorated by Honore Guibert, the miniature palace was built between 1762 and 1768 as a place for the private use of Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour.  

Detail image of the boxed Orange Tree
Interior Chapel
Billard Room 
Detail of the portrait of Marie Antoinette
China Room the cabechon flooring with marble baseboard.  The wash of blue-grey on the walls was fantastic!
Detail of balcony ironwork and robin's egg blue used throughout the ground floor
Detail of the wall paneling on the second floor and the pale celadon wall color
Marie Antoinette
Detail of the crown molding

In 1774, Louix XVI gave it as a gift to Marie-Antoinette and it quickly became her favorite place to stay and one of the unique aspects she added to this area was an English style park which included a hamlet and working farm...


Au revoir Versailles!

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