July 8, 2011

Traveling thru Provence

Driving through the French countryside on our way to St. Tropez, I can't help but fall in love with the exterior colors of the houses of Provence.  Most have an "orange sorbet" stucco, but the variance in bright colors for the shutters and doors would make it hard to pick just one!

Provence shutters - Provence, France - CatChanel @ flickr

Our final destination in the South of France was St. Tropez.  The cobblestone streets, the Place de Lices, the harbor... all bring the luxurious romance of this tiny fishing port to life...

...two stops in St. Tropez, which I would highly recommend, would be the lovely hat shop Truffaux (who's pop up shop opened this summer) for your latest summer hat and lunch at Club 55 ....both of which can be seen in the picture below ...insert you and your great friend and it will be a trip to remember!

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