July 1, 2011

Rose Hall Plantation

On the one day we left Round Hill, we took a forty-five minute drive to the Rose Hall Plantation.  Unfortunately, this homestead has a dreadful history (could I have taken a spookier picture???) that revolves around a woman who is simply known as "the white witch"....so as you can imagine, she wasn't too kind to work for and as the legend goes, there are many ghosts that walk the house on a regular basis.

Fortunately, for my designer eyes, the house was full of beautiful details...

Floral archways as you enter the property

Crystal chandelier in the main entries

... and dining room 

I love paneled window shutters!  A great detail that often gets overlooked in new construction...

This clever chair doubles as a library ladder


 I LOVE this sconce!  The chinoiserie etching is very subtle, only highlighted here because of flash photography...

Magnificent grand hallways and staircases...

....it's probably now time to introduce you to my partner in crime in all of these travels ....the delightful Mr. O.  For those of who you know me (and now for those of you who don't) Mr. O lives in London and has a love of travel and design (albeit fashion design, as he is a bespoke tailor) as great as my own.  We've had a lot of fun adventures and more are to come!

Dinner at the House Boat restaurant ....a must when visiting Jamaica!

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