July 27, 2011

3 Rooms and 10 Corso Como

It's a mathematic equation that has no logic, yet it is Milan's greatest numerical solution.  At the address 10 Corso Como, not only will you find a delightful restaurant and luxury lifestyle store, but the 3 Rooms Hotel is also located on the compound.

I joined Mr. O on a business trip and thoroughly enjoyed this home away from home...

Our room in this boutique hotel felt so chic with the rich tones of chocolate brown, cream and brick red....the chandeliers were too perfect!

It was with the large sliding door to the bathroom that I discovered a great design solution.  If you notice in the pictures below, there is a large air vent above the door, so this would make an interior or buried track, very difficult.

The solution was to create an exterior track housed in a casing that mimicked the casing for the closet just beyond the entry.  Stained the same deep espresso as the door and it seamlessly flows together.

Molto Bella!

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