February 23, 2011

The King's Speech

Like many of us, I'm busy trying to catch all the films before this Sunday's Oscar show.  The King's Speech was the film of choice last weekend and while being delighted by such an endearing story, my "designer eyes" were also quite busy!

The black and white stone floors of Westminster Abbey have always been one of my favorite eye-catching details...

Paris Ceramics is a great showroom for both antique and new stone floors!

Second, I loved the settee that served as a main piece in Lionel Logue's office (not to mention the great skylight in the space!)

Bring this look to your home with a settee from Louis J. Solomon...

Lastly, the royal family's Sandringham estate is beautiful inside and out!  Once spring arrives, a tour of the grounds is on my list!

Enjoy the Oscars!

1 comment :

  1. I haven't watched The King's Speech yet but I will before the Oscar's.

    I liked the library and the lawn outside the estate. I could just lie there and stare at the sky.