January 3, 2011

Those Pesky Little Soffits

I came across this photo in my concept binder the other day and it's a great solution should you have a soffit in your ceiling....

Sometimes you'll hear that the underside of soffits should be treated similar to the ceiling because they are both horizontal planes ...I disagree!  Speaking very generally (as situations do vary from site to site) when you paint or wallpaper the vertical surfaces, to treat the underside of a soffit the same as the ceiling simply puts a "flash" of white in the middle of a decorative finish.  It is this flash of contrast that chops up the wall visually and can leave the overall effect very unorganized.

As you can see in this picture, when you treat the underside similar to the vertical surfaces, your eye is not drawn to the soffit and it helps to disguise the unavoidable architectural detail.

A little trick of the trade to help you pull your room together!

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