October 1, 2010

Madeleine Castaing

As you know, I was on Amazon this week pre-ordering books and the book that led me to sit down at the computer in an ordering frenzy is Rizzoli's The World of Madeleine Castaing.

I had the pleasure of attending a showing of Christopher Flach's documentary, Madeleine Castaing The Film, a few years ago at the New York School of Interior Design and ever since that film, I have been completely enamored with this woman.  Besides being a renowned French decorator and antiques dealer, I found myself charmed by her wit and personality... for example her habit of using an elastic  chin strap band from her hat as a means for pulling back aging skin is delightfully humorous!  When asked how she felt walking through French department stores knowing people were staring, she simply quipped back that her face had been painted by some of the greatest artists of her time (literally Picasso), so why wouldn't she preserve it?

Castaing's study at her private residence has always been one of my favorite interiors and has a permanent place on my inspiration board...I hope you too have pre-ordered this book!

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