September 29, 2010

Thinking great colors? Thinking stylish? Think Ruthie Sommers Interiors

Last weekend, I was asked by one of my former Charlotte Moss interns to write a recommendation for her: she's headed to LA and had a great interview with Ruthie Sommers.  Before I even had a chance to reply, she let me know that she had gotten the job!  What fun to be in LA and what fun to work for Ruthie!  

As you can see from some of Ruthie's work below, being a part of stylish interiors is in this young lady's future.... congratulations and have fun!

Have I mentioned how much I love black walls?

Never forget that your fabric can be the focal emphasis...this magenta graphic from Lee Jofa fits the bill perfectly!

Every little girl's (and big girls like me) dream bedroom!

I love the "pops" in this interior ....zebra print, pops of red, mustardy gold chic!

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