April 14, 2010

Crosby Street Hotel

Anglomania hit New York late last fall with the opening of the Crosby Street Hotel.  Operated by the Firmdale group out of London, the owners Tim and Kit Kemp create modern English room interiors and every attention to design detail, as well as the comfort of each guest, is met with complete satisfaction....not to mention, it has the cutest logo!

The beauty of the rooms is obvious:

I had the opportunity of getting an inside peek at one of the rooms, when friend and fellow designer Lori Graham recently came to visit.

The room was stunning, the floor to ceiling windows with seat cushion were oh-so-inviting:


It was the window condition that caught my eye and I thought I would share with you a design element that we face from time to time: where and how to hang window treatments.


These windows, with the metal casing, can make it difficult to install the drapery hardware.  One solution it to go with a ceiling mount, which is what the designers of this hotel decided to do.  They also, took it a step further: sometimes clients don't like to see hardware, or don't like the header details that come along with long drapery (think pinch-pleat).  Therefore, one solution, which relies heavily on your contractor, is to to create a soffit at a higher height than the room ceiling and it is here that you install the hardware.  The window condition is solved, the hiding of the header is solved and you are left with beautiful long drapes that seem to magically disappear into the ceiling, without a hint of hardware.

London is on my radar for May (so for all you Anglomaniacs, be ready for many many posts!)....but I do think the Charlotte Street hotel is calling!

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